Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

The IP500 Alliance e.V. focuses on the establishment of a radio standard / solution for building automation. The IP500 Alliance e.V. was founded in 2010 in Berlin.
Among other things, our portfolio includes the mailing of NewsLetter as well as various events.

Protecting your personal information is a top priority for us because privacy and data security mean trust, and your trust is important to us. We do not collect any personal privacy data or sensitive personal information. We use modern security technologies and procedures to protect against unauthorized access, misuse or improper disclosure. We process personal data only in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and use this data to fulfill the contract, to fulfill legal obligations as well as for the provision of job-related information including (specialist) advertising.
This privacy policy is solely for the purpose of fulfilling our duty to inform data protection. Of course, as far as it is stated below that we make data processing based on your consent, this presupposes, of course, that you have given us this consent effectively, if there is no consent, we will process your data based on our consent do not make.

Here we inform you in detail about

  • who we are and how you can contact us
  • which products are covered by this privacy policy
  • which categories of personal data we process, from which sources we obtain data, for what purposes we process personal data and on what legal basis we do so
  • to whom we transfer personal data
  • how long we store personal information
  • what rights you have with regard to the data we process about you

Who we are and how you can contact us Responsible for this privacy policy and for any processing of personal data in connection with the products mentioned under point 2 is the

IP500 Alliance e.V.
Wittestr. 30K
D-10117 Berlin

You can reach us as follows:
Telephone: +49 30 435 725 84
E-Mail: office(at)

Which products are covered by this privacy policy. This Privacy Policy applies to the following offers:
2.1 for our e-mail and newsletter services
Currently we are running the following e-mail and newsletter services:
IP500 NewsLetter
Our e-mail and newsletter services address users and customers who are IP500 members, partners or guests.
2.2 for Events of the IP500 Alliance
We conduct subject-related events and webinars. These are partly carried out in cooperation with well-known partners.

Which data categories we process for which purpose
3.1 Which data we DO NOT process
We do not process sensitive (“special”) data categories of our customers and service users. Our non-processed sensitive (“special”) categories of data include data identifying racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or beliefs or trade union affiliation, as well as genetic data, biometric data to uniquely identify a natural person, health information or data to the sexual life or the sexual orientation of a natural person. Of course, we also do not process data on criminal convictions and offenses.
3.2 Which data we process and from which sources we refer them
We process personally identifiable information you provide to us in connection with the use of our invitations, including address and contact information (including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) and job-related information (for example, the field in which you operate) : Name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, function, place of work.
In addition, we collect address data and personal information relating to professional activity or industry from the following public sources:
Market area (e.g., security)
Companies ABC

Data changes are transmitted to us via e-mail, fax or telephone from existing readers. It is also possible to specify a preferred delivery address.
For printing and shipping, personal data is passed on to printers and to Österreichische Post AG.
3.3 For what purpose we process collected data
We store the personal data you have provided and the personal data we have collected in our database. Below you will find out for what purposes we use personal data and on what legal basis we do this:
3.3.1 Sending e-mail and newsletter services
To registered users or persons who have subscribed to such newsletters, we will send on request the newsletters mentioned in point 2.3, which technical information according to the information provided by or by us (see point 3.2) and or in relation to them Contain standing information. The sending takes place by e-mail under target group selection on basis of your data in the course of the registration, the sending takes place to the e-mail address announced by you in the course of the registration (or changed later in your profile). In addition, we use your e-mail address to inform you about our (similar) products as part of our customer relationship. The sending of e-mails and newsletters for information about own (similar) products is based on our legitimate interest in advertising. You can object to the sending at any time. A link to exercise the opposition is contained in all e-mails we send automatically.
We will send you e-mails and newsletters with other content based on your consent in the course of registering (or at a later date). You can revoke your consent at any time by changing the settings in your user profile. However, as our free offers are ad-supported, we reserve the right to demand from users who do not give consent for the receipt of newsletters or in their place as alternative consideration a reasonable usage fee for services subject to registration. For newsletters, we record the opening rate and which newsletter content you have clicked on.
3.3.2 Event invitation & handling
If you are invited to an event by us or sign up to use, such as the information given at the time of registration or us by you in the course of a subscription, an ad or our customer database announced data, namely address, contact and professional information ( including phone number and e-mail address) to receive the registration and execution of the event. The processing is required to fulfill the contract.
3.3.3 Market research and assessment
As a technical association, we also analyze future market trends and technologies. Contacting for market analysis purposes, including via e-mail and telephone, and storing the answer to our market questions, we base our legitimate interest, research, including market analyst

Logic and scope
4.1 Why we store contact data
In order to inform you in a targeted manner and to offer our advertisers target group advertising campaigns, we create customer and prospect files based on the data we collect from public sources, on the data we have provided you in connection with the use of our services and our findings on your usage behavior Reference to our offers (eg newsletter opening, visits to our events). We use these customer and prospect files exclusively for sending news letters or invitations to events, meetings, etc.

To whom we provide personal information
5.1 Transmission to external processors
We provide data to external processors when we have an agreement with them that meets the legal requirements for processor contracts. We only transfer personal data to processors outside the European Union if an appropriate level of data protection is guaranteed.
5.2 Transmission to external persons responsible
For self-processing, third parties based on the legitimate interest to advertise, only customer and interest files are passed on, as far as this is permitted under § 151 of the Industrial Code. Customer and prospective customer files which contain data categories not mentioned in § 151 Gewerbeordnung, in particular telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, are only passed on with the consent of the data subject.

How long we save collected data
We delete personal data collected from public sources or communicated by the data subject without contractual relationship at the latest 5 years after the final inactivation of the person (pension, deceased, revocation). Data collected from contractual relationships shall be deleted no later than seven years after the end of the contractual relationship.

Which rights are available to you
Data protection law gives you, as data subject, the following rights:

  • Right to information: Upon request, we will give you free information about the scope, origin and recipient of the stored data as well as the purpose of the storage. Please contact us. In the case of excessive requests for information (more than twice a year), we reserve the right to charge an expense reimbursement.
  • Right to Correction: Should any inaccurate information be stored despite our efforts to be accurate and up-to-date, we will correct it at your request.
  • Deletion: Under certain conditions, you have a right to cancellation, for example in connection with an objection or when data has been collected illegally. If the legal prerequisites for a deletion are present (ie no legal custodians or predominant interests stand in the way), we will immediately carry out the requested deletion.
  • Restriction: You may also request a limitation of the data processing for the reasons that justify a deletion claim – then the stored data must remain stored (eg for the purpose of securing evidence), but may no longer be used for other purposes.
  • Objection / Revocation: You can object to data processing that we make based on a legitimate interest – as far as data processing for direct mail purposes is concerned, this right of objection is absolute. Any given consent can be revoked at any time in writing and free of charge.
  • Data portability: If you wish to transfer the information you have provided to another person in charge, we will provide it in an electronically transferable format.
  • Right to complain to the Data Protection Authority: We also remind you of your right of appeal to the Data Protection Authority: You have the right to complain to a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of its residence, place of work or place of alleged infringement, if the data subject considers that is that the processing of personal data concerning them is contrary to this Regulation. You are also welcome to contact us directly at any time.

Do you have questions about this privacy policy or any of the concerns above? – We are there for you: You can always write in writing with a letter to IP500 Alliance e.V., Wittestr. 30K, D-13509 Berlin, Germany, by email to or even orally to the Data Quality & Compliance department to submit your request. We will do our best to comply with your request promptly.

8. Amendment of this Privacy Policy
We may revise this privacy policy from time to time as appropriate. The use of your data is subject to the latest version, which can be found at www.IP500 We will post a change to this Privacy Policy via or, as part of a business relationship with you, via email to an email address associated with your account.

Valid from: April 25, 2018